Ben is  U.K. based Director of photography with 23 years experience. He studied film in the UK to degree level  and then film production at  Vancouver Film School in the early 90s graduating with with a post-graduate diploma in cinematography. Ben has shot many different genres;  television dramas, feature length drama, documentaries, commercials and over 40 music promos. 

His  television experience includes 13 years and 134 episodes as a principle director of photography on the Emmy award winning BBC series Top Gear and 3 seasons and 35 episode of the “The Grand Tour” for Amazon Studios

His filming assignments have taken him all over the world, extensively through  Europe, the USA, South America, Asia, Africa the Middle East and High Arctic.  Ben's ability  to adapt to local working practices and foster a creative and collaborative atmosphere amongst his crew and colleagues  has often been essential to the visual success of a project. His  attention to detail, composition and a considered approach honed in stills is expressed in his moving image work coupled with and ability to hustle and run and gun  if the situation requires it. Skills which have served him well  particularly during his time on Top Gear and Grand Tour in testing environments and tight schedules, both shows enjoying significant global success and praise for their visuals. 

Ben's numerous drama credits as DOP include the BAFTA nominated BBC children’s drama “Behind Closed Doors” (2003) and BBC drama “Thunder Road” (2001) written by John Godber and Nic Copus. Ben has also  has served as B-unit Director of Photography on Power TV’s “Day of the Triffids” remake  (2009) and 2nd unit DOP on  the internationally successful TV mini-series, “The Summit” (2008) produced by Shaftsbury Films Toronto. 

He also served as a camera operator for  DOP Antony Dodd Mantle ASC,DFF,BSC , on Ron Howards 2012 F1 feature film “Rush”  during several of  the films dynamic race sequences.

Other television credits include 3 episodes of Darlow Smithson’s “I Shouldnt Be Alive” strand, and  4 eps of Raw TVs "Paranormal Witness" and “Fugitive Chronicles” series filmed in Canada. His documentary work has taken him all over the world including 12 Top Gear/ Grand Tour “specials” with locations as diverse as the magnetic North Pole and the Mekong River.

He has shot episodes of the BBC scientific documentary strand, “Horizon” and the BBC military history  documentary, “Arctic Convoys” and was joint DOP on “First” the official film of the London 2012 Olympic Games. Ben also has numerous documentary  credits for  Discovey Channel and National Geographic channel.

His  work in commercials has included shoots for agencies REDWOOD, TBWA, AMV/BBDO, CHI, Saatchis and JWT.  and production companies Rogue, Outsider, Casper & Co and Mother  . Bens Commercial clients include Ferrari, Lexus, Land Rover, Mercedes,Cadillac, Aston Martin, Nissan, Polaris,  Waitrose, Minolta,Goodyear and Unilever.